Featured Project - AJC Triton

This Mitsubishi Triton ute was looking a bit tired after years on the road. With the vehicle running fine there was no need to trade it in, it just needed a splash of paint (so to speak!).

AJC is a group of companies that have a range of fleet vehicles servicing WA. With different vehicles and departments to promote, we were instructed to come up with a design that was colourful and effective whilst still being versatile enough to work on each vehicle.

Like us, the work AJC do is visual and all about colour! For this reason, it was important that the design could have a colour change without changing the whole AJC image. With this design, the green 'flick' of paint can easily be changed to blue, red, orange, purple... any colour you like! It is a great way to help distinguish the various fleets.


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